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Those who know Montalcino understand the importance of the variation in altitude, the exposure to the sun, the soil composition in the vineyards and the role played by geographical location (slopes).

This is why, at San Polo, we feel very strongly about preserving the natural landscape, the specific environment and all its beauty, via the philosophy that inspires our work both in the vineyards and in the cellar. San Polo is a place well worth visiting - a tribute to the principles of integration with the environment; vineyards cultivated according to organic and sustainable farming principles and practices and a cellar dedicated to aesthetes and environmentalists alike.


vineyard montalcino The Estate is composed of two holdings: San Polo, planted in 1990 with a plant density of 4,000 vines/hectare (1,618 vines/ac) and Monteluc, planted more recently with a density of 7,000 vines/hectare (2,833 vines/ac). Of a total of 22 hectares, (54.3 ac), 16 ha (39.5 ac) have been planted with wines and 8 ha (19.7 ac) of these are registered as Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. We minimized the use of chemical fertilizers and fungicides, only natural fertilizers in the form of organic compost, and all harvesting is carried our manually and only when the grapes have achieved full maturity. The restricted numbers of buds, high plant density and minimum amounts of fertilization allow the vines to achieve the right balance between fruit and foliage and higher concentrations of sugars, polyphenols and aromatic substances. When necessary, manual thinning out of the clusters is undertaken so as to favour those with better exposure to the sun and thus obtain 4-5 bunches per vine and just 700-800 grams (1.5-1.8 lbs) of grapes per vine.


cantina montalcino The particular beauty of the landscape around San Polo could not be marred by the construction of buildings that would compromise its natural harmony. In this sense, our Cellar is ultra-modern - albeit in an area steeped in history and tradition - functional to our production objectives and faithfully reflects our identity and our uniqueness. Because of the innovative techniques used to built it, it intelligently exploits the generous natural resources that the earth has to offer. Built completely underground, it enjoys perfect temperature stability: the underground tunnels cool the air before channelling it into the cellar; the curved shape of the ceilings directs the warm air towards the sides of the rooms where it is expelled via overhead flues; an underground spring also serves to further cool the environment and the porous stone cladding in the ageing cellar regulates the accumulation and release of humidity.